LMPV Symposium 2018 – June 15

Workshop on Light Management in Photovoltaics, AMOLF and WCW Conference Center, Friday June 15, 2018 Organizers: Erik C. Garnett, Bruno Ehrler & Esther Alarcón Lladó Website for information and updates: At this symposium on June 15th we discussed the latest …

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Successfull LMPV summer symposium

The yearly LMPV summer symposium was very succesfull, with keynote talks by Harry Atwater (Caltech), Frank Dimroth (Fraunhofer ISE), Martina Schmid (Univ. Duisburg-Essen) and Richard Friend (Cambridge Univ.), as well as great poster and discussion sessions.

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NWO VIDI Grant for Bruno Ehrler

Bruno Ehrler is awarded an NWO VIDI grant to carry out a research program to elucidate the opto-electronic properties of perovskite solar cells. The prestigious VIDI grants are awarded to highly talented young group leaders enabling them to further expand …

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