We currently have vacancies open for the following positions.
To apply: follow the instructions provided by the links below. Sorry, we cannot respond to emails sent directly to one of the group leaders.

Photonic Materials (Albert Polman)

No vacancies

Nanoscale Solar Cells (Erik Garnett)

Internships – Nanoscale Solar Cells
Projects available related to:

  1. lead halide perovskite solar cell fabrication and testing
  2. atomic layer deposition (ALD) of metal oxides for solar cell surface passivation
  3. metal nanocube synthesis and assembly into transparent electrodes

Hybrid Solar Cells (Bruno Ehrler)

No vacancies

3D Photovoltaics (Esther Alarcon Llado)

Internships – 3D photovoltaics
Projects available related to:

  1. photonic modelling of new semiconductor nanostructure shapes and arrangements
  2. development of multi-functional nano-probes for local electrochemistry
  3. fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures with non-standard morphology for photonic applications