Conference talks

2021 MRS Fall Meeting (29.11.21 – 02.12.21)

Metasurfaces control free-electron-light-matter interactions – Matthias Liebtrau

Scalable transparent contacts for elimination of shading losses in solar cells – Stefan Wil Tabernig

Enhancing passive radiative cooling in solar modules using microstructures with Mie-like resonances – Evelijn Akerboom

Efficiency limits for (Lambertian) spectrum splitting in 2-terminal Perovskite/Si tandem solar cells – Stefan Wil Tabernig

Directing nanoplatelet emission with resonant Mie-like nanocylinders for luminescent solar concentrators – Tom Veeken

2021 Physics@Veldhoven (18.01.21-20.01.21)

Bottom-up Filling of Nanosized Trenches with Silver Fabricate Transparent Conducting Electrodes – Yorick Bleiji

Directing emission of quantum dots soft-stamped on Si Mie resonators – Tom Veeken

Talk at TU Delft (11.01.21)

Electron beam spectroscopy for nanophotonics – Albert Polman

2020 MRS Fall Meeting (27.11.20 – 04.12.20)

Inverse Designed Metagratings for Far-Field Integral Equations Solving – Andrea Cordaro

Bottom-up Filling of Nanosized Trenches with Silver Fabricate Transparent Conducting Electrodes – Yorick Bleiji

PVSEC-30 & GPVC 2020 (08.11.20-13.11.20)

Carrier collection in optically resonant nanostructures for quantum dot solar cells – Stefan Tabernig

IEEE PVSC-47 (15.06.20-21.08.20)

Directional Quantum Dot Emission for Tc/Si Singlet-Triplet Down-Conversion Photovoltaics and LSCs – Tom Veeken

SPIE Photonics Europe Digital Forum contributions (06.04.20-10.04.20)

Strong directional CdSe-ZnS core shell quantum dot emission for tetracene-Si singlet-triplet down-conversion photovoltaics – Tom Veeken

Phase-resolved surface plasmon scattering probed by cathodoluminescence holography – Nick Schilder

Directional emission from perovskite nanocrystals with dielectric nanolenses – Julia van der Burgt

Hyperuniform designs for enhanced light trapping in ultrathin single and tandem solar cells – Nasim Tavakoli

Light trapping in III-V on Si tandem solar cells – Andrea Cordaro

Spectrum splitting and directivity control by optical metasurfaces integrated in photovoltaic devices – Verena Neder

Talks at UNSW SPREE / Monash University 2016 – 2018

Light Management in New Photovoltaic Materials – Albert Polman

Cathodoluminescence microscopy: Optical characterization at deep-subwavelength resolution – Albert Polman

The Sun Rises for Free – Albert Polman