Nanophotonics & Photovoltaics Master Project Workshop AMOLF 2020

Are you a master's student in Physics, Chemistry or a related field, and are you looking for an interesting master's project?

The NWO-Institute AMOLF, located at Science Park Amsterdam, has master's projects available in 7 research groups in Nanophotonics and Nanophotovoltaics. All projects are described below. AMOLF is a research laboratory with 60 PhD students, 20 postdocs, and over 30 master's students from many different universities.

On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, from 14.00-16.00 hr. AMOLF holds an ON-LINE WORKSHOP to present & discuss the master's projects we have available.

14.00-14.10 Welcome, general introduction about internships at AMOLF

14.10-14.30 The 7 group leaders will present themselves and give brief presentations of the available projects.

14.30-16.00 Breakout sessions: discuss projects that you find interesting with the group leader.; meet with present master's students and ask them questions about the their experience at AMOLF.

16.00 End

After the Workshop, you can indicate if you are interested in one or more projects.    

You can register for the Master Project Workshop by filling in the form below, indicating 2 projects you are most interested in (this helps us plan). Of course, you can get information about all projects during the Workshop. The deadline for registration is Tuesday May 5, 2020. LATE REGISTRATION: until Thursday May 7.

If you have questions on the Workshop, please contact Tom Veeken at

These AMOLF research groups will present master's projects:

Dr. Esther Alarcon Llado  - 3D Photovoltaics Group
Project descriptions

  • Electrochemical growth of In1-xGaxAs for photovoltaic applications (2 projects)
  • Electrochemical fabrication of carrier-selective contacts
  • Mapping the activity of electrochemical water splitting with fluorescence microscopy

Dr. Bruno Ehrler  - Hybrid Solar Cells Group
Project descriptions

  • Ion migration and trap states in 2D/3D halide perovskites
  • Optimizing light extraction in nanopatterned perovskite LEDs

Prof. Erik Garnett  - Nanoscale Solar Cells Group 
Project descriptions

  • Making stable phosphors by synthesizing perovskite quantum dots in glass
  • Integrating sphere single‐particle CD spectroscopy
  • Perovskites in the gap
  • Hf/ZrN plasmonics
  • Reciprocity inspired design for directional emission

Prof. Femius Koenderink  - Resonant Nanophotonics
Project descriptions

  • Coherent control of molecular vibrations in plasmon optomechanics
  • Time‐resolved studies of electric field enhancement in resonant metasurfaces
  • Programming the optical near field for nanoscale imaging

Prof. Albert Polman  - Photonic Materials Group
Project descriptions

  • Ultrafast electron-matter interaction in optical microcavities
  • Resonant infrared emission for solar photovoltaic cooling
  • Photon bunching in electron-excited Yb-doped perovskites

Dr. Said Rodriguez  - Interacting Photons Group
Project descriptions

  • Superfluidity of light at room-temperature
  • Superconductivity induced by light
  • Super-noisy light fields for energy transfer, sensing, or analog computation

Prof. Ewold Verhagen  - Photonic Forces Group
Project descriptions

  • Optomechanical Faraday effect
  • Ultra-coherent nano-optomechanical resonators
  • Predicting metasurface diffraction with artificial intelligence