We proudly present the PhD thesis:

Transfer of Triplet Excitons in Singlet Fission-Silicon Solar Cells

Benjamin Daiber

Cover PhD Thesis Benjamin Daiber

We measure and calculate the transfer of triplet excitons to realize an efficient Singlet Fission-Silicon solar cell

scheme of singlet fission

1. Introduction

scheme Quantum Dot - Singlet fission

2. FRET Energy Transfer of Quantum Dots on a Silicon Surface

transfer schemes

3. Solar Cell Efficiency in a Singlet Fission-Silicon Solar Cell in Three Different Transfer Cases

overlay of AFM and TCSPC data

4. Detection of Transfer of Triplet Excitons using AFM and TCSPC


5. Singlet Fission Silicon Solar Cell with Triplet Exciton Transfer

6. Conclusion and Outlook


Prof. Dr. Bruno Ehrler
 (AMOLF, University of Groningen)

Dr. Esther Alarcón-Lladó
PhD ceremony

April 9, 2021
12.45 hrs.

online at the University of Groningen

This work is part of the
Light Management in
New Photovoltaics Materials
(LMPV) program at
the NWO-Institute AMOLF,
and the University of Groningen

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