We proudly present the PhD thesis:

Patterning Colloidal Nanocrystals with Light & Electrons

Christian D. Dieleman

We directly pattern II-VI and perovskite nanocrystals at the nanoscale with Extreme UV and e-beam lithography and explore the effect of patterning on their luminescent properties.

Titlepage, Contents, Acronyms


1. Introduction


2. Colloidal Quantum Dot Patterning via Extreme UV Lithography


3. Colloidal Quantum Dot Patterning via Electron-beam Lithography


4. Direct Patterning of CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals via Electron-beam Lithography


5. Towards Waveguiding and Lasing in Directly Patterned Colloidal Quantum Dot Films


6. References, summary, acknowledgements and Curriculum Vitae


Prof. Dr. Albert Polman
(NWO-Institute AMOLF, University of Amsterdam)

Prof. Dr. Bruno Ehrler
(NWO-Institute AMOLF, University of Groningen)

Sonia Castellanos Ortega (ARCNL, Inpria)

PhD ceremony

June 30, 2021
13.00 hrs.

Agnietenkapel (University of Amsterdam) and online

This work is part of the
Light Management in
New Photovoltaics Materials
(LMPV) program at
NWO-Institute AMOLF, ARCNL and the
University of Amsterdam,
the Netherlands

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