We proudly present the PhD thesis:

Ion Migration in Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells

Lucie Mc Govern

We measure ion migration in lead halide perovskite solar cells, and investigate the effects of modifying the composition, morphology, or dimensionality of the perovskite layer.

2. The case of MAPbBr3 versus MAPbI3 – Suppression of methylammonium migration and reduction of halide migration

3. A mix of halides – Reduced barrier for ion migration in mixed MAPb(BrxI1-x)3 perovskites

4. The impact of grain size – Activation energy and migration pathways in MAPbBr3 solar cells

5. 2D or not 2D – Reduced ion migration by addition of a 2D layer, comparing PEA, FEA, and mixed PEA/FEA

Bibliography, summary and sammenvatting


Prof. Dr. Bruno Ehrler (AMOLF, University of Groningen)

Prof. Dr. Erik Garnett (AMOLF, University of Amsterdam)
PhD ceremony

April 28, 2022
16.15 hrs

Auditorium, Broerstraat 5

University of Groningen

This work is part of the
Light Management in
New Photovoltaics Materials
(LMPV) program at
NWO-Institute AMOLF, and the
University of Groningen in
the Netherlands.

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