Charge Carrier Generation
Management in Photovoltaics

Stefan Wil Tabernig

We design and fabricate (nano-)structured solar cells with enhanced performance by carefully considering the interplay between charge carrier generation and extraction

1. Introduction

2. Optically resonant bulk heterojunction PbS quantum dot solar cell

3. Avoiding shading losses in concentrator photovoltaics using a soft-imprinted cloaking geometry

4. Broadband nanopatterned anti-reflection coatings for planar Si solar cells

5. Detailed-balance efficiency limits of two-terminal perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells with planar and Lambertian spectral splitters

6. Zn3P2-TiO2 selective contact-based thin-film solar cell device design

7. Soft-imprint nanopatterning for optoelectronic improvements in solar cells


Prof. Dr. Albert Polman
(NWO-Institute AMOLF, University of Amsterdam)

Prof. Dr. Bram Hoex

(University of New South Wales)

dr. Esther Alarcón Lladó
(NWO-Institute AMOLF)


PhD ceremony

December 8, 2022
10.00 hrs.

University of Amsterdam

This work is part of the
Light Management in
New Photovoltaics Materials
(LMPV) program at
NWO-Institute AMOLF,
the Netherlands

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