We proudly present the PhD thesis:

Electron-matter interaction
probed with time-resolved cathodoluminescence

Magda Solà Garcia

We introduce pump-probe cathodoluminescence to investigate how high-energy electrons interact with matter

1. Introduction

2. Ultrafast scanning electron microscopy

3. Pump-probe cathodoluminescence microscopy

4. Electron-induced state conversion in diamond NV centers

5. Photon statistics of incoherent cathodoluminescence

Summary , acknowledgements and biography


Prof. Dr. Albert Polman (NWO-Institute AMOLF, University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Sophie Meuret (CEMES-CNRS)
PhD ceremony

July 9, 2021
10.00 hrs.

Agnietenkapel (University of Amsterdam)
and online

This work is part of the
Light Management in
New Photovoltaics Materials
(LMPV) program at
NWO-Institute AMOLF

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