AMOLF and Fraunhofer ISE start cooperation on metamaterials

Metamaterials and optimized photon management enable multi-junction solar cells to achieve highest efficiencies

AMOLF and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems have started a strategic cooperation in the field of metamaterials for optical applications. In the project “Metasurfaces for Energy Efficient Devices” (MEEt), the partners are developing metamaterials for solar cells, LEDs and optical sensors and the processes for their production. The joint project will run for three years and is funded by the Fraunhofer International Cooperation and Networking (ICON) program.

AMOLF group leader Bruno Ehrler (Hybrid Solar Cells) coordinates the project for AMOLF. He says, “the collaboration will strengthen our ties with the Fraunhofer ISE, which will provide a fruitful feedback loop between the material science done at AMOLF and the device physics and process development in Freiburg.” The first joint activity will be the work of a Fraunhofer PhD student at AMOLF in October and November to make LEDs with a nanopattern.

The MEEt project brings together the expertise of two institutes that complement each other perfectly. Fraunhofer ISE is the oldest and largest European solar research institute and looks back on 40 years of experience in classical silicon photovoltaics as well as novel and highly efficient photovoltaic concepts. Fraunhofer ISE researchers work on all aspects of the solar cell and have been able to achieve numerous efficiency records.
AMOLF researchers study the interactions, properties and functions of complex molecular and material systems, from nanophotonic structures to multicellular organisms. In its nanophotovoltaics research area, researchers are developing new functional materials for light management within solar cells.

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