Directivity to improve optical devices

A team of researchers from AMOLF, Western University (Canada), and the University of Texas (USA) recently demonstrated the use of algorithmic design to create a new type of nanophotonic structure. This is good news for researchers in optical quantum computing and photovoltaics, because the structure is able to greatly improve the directivity of nanoscale emitters (in light emitting diodes, or single photon sources) and absorbers (in solar cells or photodetectors). The researchers publish their findings online in Nature Communications on November 9th, 2018.

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Broadband highly directive 3D nanophotonic lenses
E. Johlin, S. Mann, S. Kasture, A.F. Koenderink, and E.C. Garnett, Nature Commun. 9, 4742:1–4742:8 (2018)

About the Author

Tom Veeken

I'm the Program Manager of the LMPV department at AMOLF in Amsterdam.